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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 12, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> thank you for are joining us on this friday, april 12th. >> three teenage boys have been arrested on accusations that they sexually assaulted a 15 year-old girl who later took her life. we will have a live report coming up. >> a teenager's struck and killed by an amtrak train in san lorenzo, what police are saying is to blame for the death is coming up. >> secretary of state john kerry is in south korea for a tram focusing on escalating tensions and a career. >> we will have mostly sunny skies into the afternoon.
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the temperatures will go to the upper 70's. you can expect a gradual cooling as we head into the weekend. we may catch sprinkles and north of the golden gate bridge and i will walk you through this coming up. >> we have a good ride around the bay and we're not looking at any major incidents or tracking any hot spots. we are seeing a lot of the usual traffic for the first morning that we have not seen the me realize activated. your quick commute check shows the there are some slowing for highway 42 antioch. interstate 580 and relatively light traffic. you will find an easy commute for the peninsula through the north bay. >> three south bay teenagers have been arrested on charges of sexual assault which authorities are investigating to see if it ultimately led to the 15
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year-old girl taking her life. the girl's family clans of the sexual assault took place while she was unconscious at a party. kron4 will tran is live in front of the santa clara county sheriff's department. >> the deputies went to high schools to arrest these three boys. they stated that this is far from over. they stated that they're working on search warrants and that more arrests may take place. the only reason why we are showing her picture is because her family would like us to. what happened was back in september she went to a party with 8 to 10 other high school students who had liquor. the parents were not there. apparently, she passed out and she was slain on a bed and that is when she was sexually assaulted. to make matters even worse apparently one
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person took a photo of her neck it. she was not going to tell anyone about the incident when she realized that it went far road. it went to facebook @ went viral and she stated this was the worst day of her life. eight days later she committed suicide. the family would like their privacy but they will like to hold a news conference. they said the they want to go after the students as well as their parents. >> a teenager was struck and killed by an amtrak train in san lorenzo after reportedly played a game with friends on the train tracks. kron4 mike pelton is live in san lorenzo with the incident information. >> this is such a sad story.
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they were playing a game of chicken. it struck and hit one of the boys and the other to manage to get off in time. this was about 6:40 p.m.. the tram that struck the team was on its way to sacramento and we do not know who the victim is or how old he is. a high- school is right next door to this train. this stated that a lot of kids spend time on the tracks. >> this is very unfortunate and i obviously the children all over the community on a daily basis come across the strikes. is very important that kids realize how important and dangerous these train tracks are. is it not be on them for any reason especially to play games. >> there were a hundred and
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38 people on this train when it struck the kit. i just spoke with a spokesperson for amtrak and he stated that the train conductor and engineer did not do anything wrong. off they stated that they are not a work today and that is only because the this is such a traumatic event. >> secretary of state john kerry is delivering a stark warning to north korea not to test fire 8 mid range missile. carias and south korea this morning, this is video of his arrival. kerrey has been meeting with south korean leaders in seoul and says that the north and it's beyond a leader would only increase their isolation if they launched a missile that the u.s. officials believe could reach the united
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states territory of guam. >> in order to get them to live up to the obligations. >> we are prepared to work that the relations between the north and the south can improve and that they can improve them very quickly. the world will be much better off. we want one leader in particular to make right decision. >> kerry's trip to asia will include visits to china and japan. >> we will take a break and we'll have more headlines coming up. here is a live look at the bay bridge approach at 880. richmond
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but that's only the beginning. i have more than one red carpet. i like all sorts of spectacles. from the grandiose to the impromptu... to the completely unexpected. and the most epic thrill ride this city has ever faced. transformers the ride 3d. los angeles. endlessly entertaining. start exploring at >> police in hayward are looking for a man who has been missing for nearly a week. take a look. he is 34
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year-old nuel jay. he was reported missing last wednesday, after his family says that they have not heard from him since sunday. his family says that his disappearance is suspicious and they are worried that something has happened to him. >> a federal court has rejected governor jerry brown is a bit to modify in order to reduce california's overcrowded prisons. the mandate went into effect back in 2009 and was uphill by the supreme court in 2011. it requires the states to reduce adult prisons to 110,000. all right now, prisons house more than 119,000 inmates. governor brown argued conditions at the prisons have improved and he has asked the court to lift or ease the reduction order. the state plans to appeal the latest
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rulings. >> a deal between lennar corp. and a pair of chinese government anentities and to construct a home at hunters point and high rises on treasure island has collapsed. the 1.7 million deal fell apart large silver demand by the chinese for more control over the developments than lennar was willing to give. mayor ed lee was hoping to hear good news from the deal. earlier in the week, governor jerry brown, on his own trade mission to beijung, announced a 1.5 billion deal with a different chinese outfit to build a big residential project in oakland. >> closed door meetings have
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paid off for for a democratic and four republican senators working on immigration reform. according to lawmakers and staff, the at 8 to have reached agreement that will remake the nation's immigration laws. a senate aide says, that the legislation would only allow people in the country prior to the december 31st, 2011, to apply for legal status and ultimately citizenship. it also would require applicants to document that they have a clean criminal record and show financial stability. they said, that those requirements could end up excluding hundreds of thousands of people. right now, an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants are in the united states. >> we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. the time is 6:15 a.m.. >> three people have been killed in the powerful spring a storm that move through the south, midwest and the carolinas. the storm march to from louisiana to georgia yesterday caused major damage to parts of mississippi, where a twister was spotted one person was killed. 11 in alabama had mere moments to get to safety when a tornado hit. >> i heard the sirens going off and i came out of my house very quickly. >> tennessee authorities declared a state of emergency after retirement was reported and monroe
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county, in the southeastern part of that state. >> we are falling into a quiet weather pattern. the temperatures are cooler than 24 hours ago. we are seeing the upper 30's. it is 41 degrees right now in vallejo. we do have a wide range of temperature but by lunch time it will be relatively warm. it looks like the '70s will read just by 3:00 p.m. today. the temperatures will be warmer than that were yesterday afternoon. by 8:00 p.m. we will have a good mix of upper 50s and 60s. >> as our break down your afternoon high it will be 73 for sunnyvale and 724 mountain view. upper 70's for fairfield. upper 60s for
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downtown san francisco and 72 will be your high and oakland. dry weather will be in place over the area and that is why we are sitting pretty mild and quiet weather. we do have changes into the weekend in fact, sunday at to monday if we may catch showers north of the golden gate bridge. we can also expect when the conditions for tuesday and wednesday. the time is 6:17 a.m.. >> the metering lights have been activated at the bay bridge because there is an accident. it is in the left- hand lane and only good nils this step because it is a friday the traffic is light enough that it has not created a big backup. the lights are still being
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recycled very quickly. this is not a solid backup the toll plaza and cruised may get it out of the lanes. looking at your ride to the san mateo bridge highway 92 we are still looking at a light enough traffic that the drive time is still in 11 minutes or below. the golden gate bridge ride looks good if we may see a little bit of fog creeping in. >> as we look first at the shore freeway interstate 880 its 50 minutes from hercules to berkeley. the south bay rise still looks good and we're not tracking any delays for 85 or the guadalupe parkway. the north bay ride is easy as you come to more rain coming. a quick transit update for you. >> your ride on the bart has
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no delays ace train and muni our problem free. >> if we're also watching gas prices this moment. if the national average is sitting at $3.55 right now. the state average, is sitting at $4 even for a regular gallon of gas. taking a look at the bay area prices. in san francisco, no changes that average prices at $4.10 a gallon. in oakland, they're sitting at $3.97. in san jose, they're coming in at $3.98. >> in the wake of a recent state court decision ruling that it is illegal to hold your phone while you drive. sampras's go prosecutors and police are calling attention to the dangers of distracted driving. distracted drive is not only calls by cell phones, but also called combing your hair, saving,
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of putting on makeup, if anything that takes away from your attention from operating your vehicle. " according to muni, about 60% a pedestrian traffic injuries and fatalities in the sampras's go occurred in crosswalks, compared to 45% in the entire state. >> human rights groups are urging secretary of state john kerry to raise the treatment of dissidents and other rights concerns during a weekend visit to china. the group said in a letter to carry that they fear human rights concerns have been sacrificed as washington pursues economic opportunities in china and seeks beijing's support of north korea, i win, and other international concerns. >> a list naming russians accused of human-rights
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abuses and facing sanctions is expected to be released today by the u.s. government. it has already provoked anger from a russian government, which threatens to retaliate with their own sanctions. the list is authorized by the magnitsky act. sergei magnitsky was a russian boy our arrested in 2000 for tax evasion after accusing russian police officials of stealing $203 million in tax rebates. the law targets not only those tied to his death, but also those involved and other abuses. >> federal investigators are working to find out what caused the charter bus crash loaded with elderly casino course near dallas, killing two and injuring 41. police say a 69 year-old and an 81 year-old both died in
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the crash. witnesses said that the charter bus with 45 people was headed north on the president george bush turnpike in irving when it veered suddenly across the highway, struck to concrete barriers and toppled onto the center median. >> if you cross a car with a motorcycle it might look something like this. you are looking at a newly designed vehicle that could be on the streets as early as next year. it's made by a elio motors and its federally classified as a motorcycle. but its designers as a the three wheeled vehicle drives more like a car. it seats two people and can go over 100 mi. per hour. here is a the most intriguing part, it can go all 607 2 mi. on one tank of gas. the vehicle is
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$10.99 for 100 ounces. skip the warehouse. quilted northern is $10.99 for 24 double rolls. and dryer's ice cream is just $2.99. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >> we are back the time is 6:25 a.m.. right now the traffic is fine and the weather is looking good. his 50 degrees right now in san jose. we are looking for a comfortable 72 for this afternoon. >> we are watching wall street. taking a look at the members. future trading show all three indexes in the- this morning. investors are hoping that the major stock market indexes will rise for
6:26 am
a fifth straight day. the rally on wall street continued yesterday as strong sales reports boosted retail stocks. here is a look at yesterday's closing numbers. the dow jones industrial average yesterday gained nearly 63 points to close at 14,865. the tax heavy nasdaq composite index rose nearly 3 points to close at 3300. the s&p 500 index rose five and 1/2 points, to close at 1593. will be watching the markets all morning here on the kron 4 morning news starting at 6:03 a.m. with the opening bell. >> starbucks is lower in the list price of their bad coffee if to continue competitive as commodity cost ease across the industry. the seattle-based chain says that there 12 months bed of its whole and ground coffee will be $8.99,
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down from $9.99. the list price is a suggestion that retailers are free to charge their own prices, so customers may not see a change. the move does not affect the price of starbucks coffee in its cafes. the move also comes as starbucks looks to increase sales from their packaged goods business. >> here's a live look at the floor of the new york stock exchange. we will be right back with opening bell. back with opening bell. waitwa a sec! back with opening bell. i found our colors.s. we've made a decision. great, let's go get you set up... great, let's go get you set up... we need brushes..... you should check out our workshops..... push your color boundaries while staying well within your budget walls. i wantwa to paint something else.. i wantwa to paint sommore saving.g. more doing. that's the power of the homeho depot.
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>> opening bell on wall street with five consecutive days ending up that will probably and today. we had weak retail sales numbers coming out for the month of march. a bad sign as
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consumer spending is the two-thirds of the u.s. economy. we will see a pullback in early trading, will be following the numbers and wall street throughout the morning. >> we're getting word of a new accident in the south bay. it is on the west valley freeway highway 85 just past the guadalupe parkway at all minden expressway on ramp. several reports indicate there may be multiple possibly all lanes blocked on the northbound side of highway 85. that will allow extra pressure on 87, the guadalupe parkway for the northbound ride. the initial reports indicate there are multiple vehicles perhaps even a bus involved in this northbound 85 crash. use the guadalupe parkway instead. i will have more details coming up. >> happy friday we're
6:31 am
starting with a look at the mt. tam cam. there are some clouds behind me as well as patchy clouds along the coast line. it will be cooler as we head into the weekend and we have the chance for some sprinkles north of the golden gate bridge. i walk you through the entire forecast in just a few short minutes. >> at 630 a teenage boy was fatally struck by an amtrak train in san lorenzo last night. the train hit the boy on the tracks on the northbound side of the hayward amtrak station just after 6:30 a.m.. the train was traveling from san jose to sacramento. investigators think the boy was playing chicken with a train along with two friends before he was hit. police say this is an unfortunate reminder that people need to be aware of their surroundings. the boys aged name have not been released. >> will tran is live in
6:32 am
front of us have declared county sheriff's department with more on this case. >> after the grow committed suicide the family is just mystified and puzzled as to why this happened. they were confused because they said she was a happy girl and then all the sudden she committed suicide. they did their own investigation and they found out exactly according to them what happened. the sheriff's department has not ruled in closed conclusively whether or not the alleged sexual assault led to her ultimately committing suicide. they say this is far from over. here is her picture, the family wants us to say her name and release her photo to the public. she is 15 years old and her name is on a jury. she attended a party where there were several people and where the party was held the
6:33 am
parents were gone. there was no one there to my chair the situation. hard liquor was served in she was also apparently drinking. she pass out and was laying on a bed when according to the family attorney at least three boys sexually assaulted her. if that was not bad enough according to the attorneys someone took a photo of her and posted it on facebook. she ultimately found out and was humiliated. she wrote somewhere it was the worst ever for her. she then committed suicide. the family plans to hold a news conference on tuesday to talk about what happened. they will go public with this. as far as the sheriff's department they went to the high school. one of the voice goes to high school in gilroy the other to go to saratoga. they went there to arrest them and they said they're still working on search warrants. there could be more arrests in this case. >> this case is eerily
6:34 am
similar to the case of a 17 year-old canadian girl who was taken off life-support on sunday following a suicide attempt last week. our mother said she was bullied and humiliated and insulted by three or four boys and nova scotia. >> police officers in berkeley are measuring the community support or opposition to taser is. a survey was sent out to 19,000 residents which would be the first that eventually army berkeley police with taser is. the goals as the residents feel the same way now as they did 10 years ago when they shot down the idea of arming police would taser is. the police association president says there is an upside to taser is. >> the claims against police departments and the number of hours that are spent dealing with officer injuries and what not has been shown to be much lower in departments that have taser is. >> the survey results are
6:35 am
expected to come out next week. the police association says that the feedback is positive that will put together a proposal to bring stun guns to the police department. >> the question of whether severance as police officers should carry pagers may have been answered. police chief greg suhr dropped a proposal yesterday that with armed officers with the now legal device. the taser gun to be part of a pilot program. the chief says the number of limits that were to be imposed on their use would actually increase the risk to officers and the public. a woman is in custody after leaving her for month-old baby in her car while she went shopping yesterday. at around 1230 at the marina square shopping center in san leandro. the baby screams drew the attention of other shoppers in the parking lot. police raided the child out in the mother was taken into custody. the
6:36 am
baby's father was called to come pick up the child and took her home. work on a bart extension from fremont to san jose a starting to ramp up. the extension of bart from fremont to north san jose is 10 mi. long and there a lot of places where the new railway crosses existing roads. that means a lot of traffic delays are the month, crews work at these new intersections. first, warren avenue in fremont will be closed down this weekend between quito road in warm springs boulevard. house that there wrote and san jose between the lundy avenue and flicking juror avenue will be reduced from three to two lanes in both directions. the $3.2 billion bart extension project is scheduled to be completed in 2018. >> the plans of all the super bowl 50 and bay area got a boost a football star power. forty-niner hall of fame quarterback steve young
6:37 am
and former forty-niner coach george c. byrd are now on board. the planning committee says adding famous 49ers to once the burbles will help close the deal. the planning committee was that its bid on may 5tseventh and will present its plan on may 21st in boston. the new 49ers stadium is expected to be ready for the 2014 season super bowl 50 will be played in 2016. we will be right back as a kron4 morning news continues. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive. >> welcome back it is 648 am a serious accident in the south bay, 85 in the northbound direction read the on a dent expressway.
6:41 am
four lanes are blocked, one through four there is a wide stretch of the roadway bear because of the interchange. all the traffic is having to get by on the shoulder. you could use 1 01 to get around the problem and 1 01 north makes a good alternate. did you get to the guadalupe parkway use that instead >> limited inventory is making a very competitive right now for buyers. in 2007 there more than 13,000 homes for sale in alameda and contra costa counties. in 2011 that number dropped to between 4007 thousand homes. but now there may be as mas few as 15 other homes to choose from. how market doesn't mean things are easy for buyers. in fact, there are so few homes
6:42 am
for sale, qualified buyers are being rejected. many are paying over the asking price and some are offering all cash. >> city leaders and residents and richmond are calling on banks to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. they joined a nonprofit group alliance of californians for community empowerment demanding that banks or principal on their home loans and to stop unfair or predatory practices. according to the group more than 900 richmond families lost their homes to foreclosure. another 230 homeowners are on the road to foreclosure. a live look at downtown san and cisco, clear skies. is a little cool as you head out the door but it should be an mild afternoon.
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you're o♪ ♪meout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. >> 6:45 a.m. and there is a hot spot in the south bay on highway 85 in the northbound direction. it is right at the guadalupe parkway. we
6:46 am
have to enter changes there together all the then expressway and guadalupe parkway on ramp as well. it's right at those rams that this accident occurred blocking all the lanes. you concede there is a backed up behind blocked uphill road. there may be some good luck or good news with the chp. they are clearing the accident right now to clear into the right-hand shoulder. the latest here. it didn't get to 87 that is a good option, stay on 1 01 is not a bad option either. it would get you clear the problem and they're no delays on 1 01 this morning leading to 280, you can cut across their. the bridges have delays earlier this morning at the bay bridge westbound with an accident
6:47 am
on the upper deck. the accident is gone and so was the backup we saw for a little while. it is slow from the middle of these parking lot. the san mateo bridge ride 92 this of this move commute with just 11 men and real-time from hayward to foster city. and the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound, car is heading toward us are at coming from marin county. a little bit of fog started to creep in there around mid span. let's find out more about that, here is erica. >> we're seeing cloud cover and fog this morning. it is pretty patchy and not to dance. he should not have too much trouble on the roadways headed to workers cool this friday morning. it is cooler with temperatures mainly in the '40's and low 50s. two days ago we rtc and temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. definitely a noticeable change in the past few days. it's like tiny of sunshine into the afternoon and slight winds
6:48 am
and the forecast later on tonight. we're now 41 and concord in 48 in hayward. by to look like you could see 60s inside the bay and 74 year in the community. by lunchtime will concede that at a couple of degrees on as we head into afternoon highs. by 8:00 p.m. tonight expected merger is mixing out in the upper 50s and low 60s. afternoon highs, temperatures are still above the seasonal average. milpitas 74, 76 cupertino, 77 walnut creek beds bird in fairfield, 71 and union city. for those of you folks heading out the 0 dot code to read on the a's first it is at 7 05 p.m. against the tigers expect temperatures in the mid-60s. we live
6:49 am
clear skies later on tonight and pretty quiet weather, at least for the first half of the weekend. we will see cloudy conditions by sunday and possibly some sprinkles in the north bay. that as late sunday headed into monday, monday will be the coolest day of the week. we are back on the side of the dry weather with temperatures starting to climb and being a bit breezy tuesday into thursday. >> 6:49 a.m. and a paddle love middle school is clarifying its dress code after female students said they were told they could no longer wear tight fitting pants because they distracted the boys. female students at kenilworth a junior high school receive the statement from an administrator during a school. last week. the caravans for criticism from some students andents who said the girls at the schools should not be penalized for boys' behavior. administrators have since said they may have gone further in their statements to girls and they should have, there has been no change in the dress code.
6:50 am
reebok is severing ties with rapper rick ross over a controversy involving some of his lyrics. the sportswear company said ross had not shown inappropriate level over most remorse for using lyrics and that seemed to allude to raping a woman. ross responded to outrage over the song earlier this month by tweedy he does not condone rape and apologize the lyrics being interpreted as rape. a statement from reebok says while the company does not believe rick ross condone sexual assault he also quotes has yet to display an understanding of the seriousness of this issue. " >> obama city breeze by golden state warriors at the oracle arena last night. the warriors clinched a playoff spot and tuesday when they beat the minnesota timber wolves. the warriors still leave the seven played houston by half a game. that have game as monumental because it's the difference
6:51 am
in being prayed or the founder of spurs and the first round and playing in denver, meant this or the clippers. during last night's game, the warriors lost center andrew bogut and the first quarter due to a sprained left ankle. it's the same ankle that he has certainly repaired last april and cost them 42 games this season. curry finished with 22 points and seven rebounds. david lee led the warriors with 11 rebounds. the final score was 116 to 97. the a's have won eight in a row. outfielder- reddick misses its third straight game with an injured arm. topps 61 01 tie-up dobson takes days and barred as deep for to hoaide to run homer to his left is first year of
6:52 am
the a's 31. 40 degrees at first pitch, one fan of the up, another fan shirtless. ryan vogelsong not pitching well early giving up five runs. top of force by the to chicago. pablo sandoval all swings at an outside pitch to get the piece ends up with the two run double five before chicago. top of the fence, bases loaded but she keeps bubbles on in the head and he draws a bases loaded walk to bring home the tying run 55. is the fourth rbi for giants pitcher and first 10 games. two batters later brandon crawford single to left and home is nick noon in for what would be winning run in seven of five sentences go. >> here's a quick look at
6:53 am
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>> absent from the waters of the guadalupe river for perhaps 150 years and more, because of beavers are now back and in downtown san jose no less. this is the river where runs past the h- p pavilion between santa clara and st. john streets. you can see where the beavers have been gnawing away at a tree trunk along rivers adds. their thoughts have built a lots nearby
6:57 am
however, daytime sightings have been rare. a female peregrine falcon at san jose city hall as a mother again and now city officials are asking children to help name her three new babies. the falcon named clara shares and as with her mate on a ledge on city hall's 18th floor. the naming contest is open to kids aged 5 to 18 live in san jose. each entry must be an original artwork, and say, video or a song. entries must be uploaded to the city's website by midnight on april 26th. the winners will receive a commendation from a year to agreed in two passes to happy hollow park and zoo. >> coming up on the kron4 morning is as seven we are keeping high on our hot spot highway 85 north down near the north almaden expressway on ramp, four lanes are blocked.
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